Monday, February 4, 2008

My Favorite Other What If Question!

Out of my class, i read a lot of what if questions! My favorite was "What life was a sitcom?" Well, that is a good question to ponder. First of all, I would have my show on one of the three big networks and have a prime slot on a Monday or Thursday, since my life is so interesting. My show would not be like many of the other shows based on people, instead it would be inspirational and funny at the same time. It would have the introduction to show how I grew up and show pictures of my childhood while the intro song is playing. The show, however, would have the hottest new actor playing my role and the cutest new thing play my future girlfriend and or wife. (I would like to think that I would be this lucky in the near future, especially if my life were a sitcom) The show would go through and poke fun at the millions of things that could be mistaken for funny in my everyday life, and the show would be prosperous and I would never have to work a real job in my life!

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