Monday, January 28, 2008

The What If Game!

1.) What if...light bulbs floated around in the air?
2.) What if...we only had to think of food to get it?
3.) What if...humans could walk on water?
4.) What if...computers started thinking back?
5.) What if...every male was steril?
6.) What if...phones had a video screen?
7.) What if...other life forms have visited our planet?
8.) What if...we already live with those life forms and don't even know it?
9.) What if...the earth rotated the opposite direction?
10.) What if...North was South and South was North?
11.) What if...the previous was true then what would our map look like?
12.) What if...there was a pill to make me the ultimate ladies man?
13.) What if...skateboards could fly like in back to the future?
14.) What if...time travel was possible?
15.) What if...peace on earth was actually possible?
16.) What if...we lived on the moon?
17.) What if...mars was actually able to travel like a space ship?
18.) What if...a computer mouse actually moved on its own?
19.) What if...a person could levitate things with their mind?
20.) What if...we were actually wizards?
21.) What if...the weather could be controlled?
22.) What if...the chicken actually decided to cross the road?
23.) What if...there wasn't any poverty in the world?
24.) What if...There was a huge earthquake and the continents became Pangea once more?
25.) What the case of an earthquake, California disappears from the map?
26.) What if...we could inject nanobots into a human body?
27.) What if...those nanobots were able to heal any human injury or illness and help people live?
28.) What if...the moon left our planet?
29.) What if...the earth is on a giants fingernail?
30.) What if...the earth was a marble and is used to play hopscotch?
31.) What if...we come back to earth after we die.
32.) What if...deja vou (or however you spell it) is due to a past life on earth?
33.) What if...Christopher Columbus got lost and went in a circle on his trip?
34.) What if...cameras actually do steal a bit of your soul when a picture is take of you?
35.) What if...polar bears were our pets?
36.) What if...there were airplanes during the Civil War?
37.) What if...magazines were interactive with television screens?
38.) What if...people and things actually moved in pictures?
39.) What if...George Bush was never our president?
40.) What if...Bob and Tom became our presidents?
41.) What if...printers didn't use ink?
42.) What if...computers could walk around on their own two legs?
43.) What could drive themselves?
44.) What if...other life forms protect our planet without us knowing it?
45.) What comes from reverse engineering from a being that was caught by the government?
46.) What if...a group of pens were organized dancers?
47.) What if...even half of these ideas were actually able to be put into truths?
48.) What if...viruses were the dominant life form on this planet?
49.) What if...all animals could talk to humans?
50.) What if...people actually read my blog?

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modestalchemist said...

Nice what if's... i like the one about the chicken.

how about. Why did the chicken cross the mobius strip? To get to the same side.